KS1 - Year 2 : Handwriting cgp


New KS1 English Targeted Practice Book: Handwriting - Year 2


This brilliant CGP Handwriting Practice Book for Year 2 pupils (ages 6-7) introduces joined-up handwriting in a fun and accessible way. 

After a brief recap of all the letters of the alphabet, it moves on to joined-up handwriting. Each different type of join is covered, starting with an example that has arrows to follow to make the join. Pupils can then practise tracing and copying the join on its own, then within a range of words, all with guidelines and starting dots. Break letters and capital letters are also covered. At the end of the book, pupils can practise their joined-up handwriting by copying out longer pieces of writing. Handy hints are provided at the start of the book.

KS1 - Year 2 : Handwriting cgp


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